Impress Your Customers While Serving Alcoholic Beverages In Your Pub


If you recently purchased a pub and successfully acquired your liquor license to serve alcoholic beverages, the following tips will help you and your staff members serve beverages that are likely to impress guests who visit your establishment.

Personal Creations And Unique Cups Or Paper Sleeves

After you and your employees learn how to create standard drinks that contain liquor and soda, attempt to create some enhanced drinks that contain additional ingredients, such as an extra shot of liquor, slices of pineapple or mango, and a small amount of syrup flavoring.

Order glasses that have your business name printed on them and have a design added to each beverage holder. If you would like to use plain glasses to serve drinks, consider purchasing paper sleeves that have writing and a design added to them and place a sleeve around each cup before serving patrons.

Daily Drink Specials And Free Snacks

Purchase a dry erase board or a chalkboard and lean it on an easel near the entranceway to the pub. List daily drink specials on the board and a description of snacks that will be free of charge while drinks are being sold for a reduced price. Baskets of chips, corn puffs, or peanuts are some basic snacks that can be purchased in bulk and will help satisfy cravings while people indulge in the beverages that they have selected.

Change the drink specials on a regular basis to keep customers interested in ordering specials and provide a detailed description of the beverages that are being sold at a reduced rate to educate customers about some of the unique creations that you have come up with.

Costumes And Music

Buy some costumes for you and your employees to wear during normal business hours. Costumes that are reminiscent of another time era or that depict characters from a well-known play or movie will catch customers off guard and may amuse them while they spend time visiting your establishment. If you and your employees act like the characters that everyone is dressed as, it will further enhance each time that beverages are served to your clients.

During situations in which the mood inside of the pub seems somber, liven things up by playing some music that contains fast rhythms so that your guests will relax and be more likely to enjoy themselves. 

If you use any or all of the tips and find that they are helping your business thrive, be sure to continue to keep your liquor license in good standing by obeying your state's liquor laws at all times. Check with companies like Alcoholic Beverage License Service for more information.


4 August 2017

Drinking Responsibly Every Day

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