Reduce Costs On Stock And Time Spent Preparing Beverages And Snacks For Your Tavern's Patrons


If you recently opened a small tavern and would like to reduce costs on stock needed to operate your business and minimize time spent preparing beverages and snacks for your patrons, the following tactics can help you retain a larger profit and run your business in an efficient manner.

Purchase Spirits From A Delivery Service

Instead of shopping for spirits at a local suppllier and taking the time to haul items to your tavern, order spirits from a business that provides a delivery service. You can order beverages in bulk, ensuring that you have a wide range of alcohol options to choose from at all times. A delivery service may offer a discounted rate if you purchase a predetermined amount of products, which can help you save much needed cash for other expenses that you are faced with, such as utility bills, internet service, or employee wages.

Prepare Ingredients For Beverages And Make Appetizers

If you serve a lot of mixed drinks that contain fruit or vegetable slices, prepare ingredients ahead of time by cutting up several pieces of fruit and vegetables and placing the slices on a tray before refrigerating them. If you often use spices or liquid flavorings to enhance beverages, make sure that you have plenty of ingredients on hand before opening the tavern for the day. Create a shopping list at the end of a work shift and pick up additional ingredients before running out of specific items. 

Prepare cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktail, and mini hotdogs and place the appetizers on platters. Set the platters on the bar or a large table that your customers can easily access when they stop by your establishment. Offering visitors appetizers may help keep each person satisfied so that they stay at the tavern for a longer length of time than they would if they weren't provided with snacks.

Keep Additional Supplies On Hand For Busy Times

Purchase large bags of potato chips, pretzels, and ice cubes and store the items inside of your tavern's kitchen. If you encounter a sudden increase in patrons and appetizers that you have prepared seem to be dwindling and ice cubes are beginning to run out, you can quickly run to the kitchen to retrieve bags of snacks or ice that are needed. Fill up large bowls with snack items and add ice to cups. The emergency rations will prevent you or your employees from needing to stop serving customers so that more food and ice can be prepared or purchased. 

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17 August 2017

Drinking Responsibly Every Day

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