Drink Party Ideas in the Time of Social Distancing


It is likely that the social distancing we're doing in America is going to have to continue, off and on, until a vaccine, cure, or treatment for COVID-19 is found, or until enough of the population has built up an immunity so that we no longer risk overburdening our hospitals with patients. The impact this has on social drinking is clear, especially for those who live in areas where bars have been closed for weeks and may be closed for months. Even if towns and cities open back up, there's a likelihood that some favorite watering holes never will, as is also true of restaurants and other businesses that have been impacted by this closure. 

Here are some ideas to help give your parties more interest and structure than 'hang out and drink online' together.

Area-based Wine Discussion

As a group, pick an area where you want to try the wine from. A region in France, or even a state - there's quite good wine made in many US states. California is well known for their own contributions, but you'd be surprised at some of the other states that are getting in on the action. Oklahoma, for example, has a growing wine industry. You can also support your local wineries with this. So you can pick a geographical region where you want to try wines from and agree on a price range you'll stick to as a group, to assure that you're all buying (approximately) the same quality of wine, then you can discuss the flavor profiles and tastes of the wine as you drink together. 

Try the New Thing Together

Trying a new food or alcoholic drink with your friends can be a bonding experience, so you can all agree on what new product (or products) you want to try for your next video hangout. Whether you love it or hate it isn't the point, the point is talking about whether you love it or hate it with your friends. 

Demonstration Night

Have everyone show off how to make your favorite mixed drink. (You'll have to specify mixed drink, or some smart aleck will pour a straight shot of their favorite liquor.) This isn't to say everyone needs to have professional bartending equipment, your favorite mixed drink can involve a blender, or your glass and a regular spoon. You might get heckled a little bit, but that's part of the fun, isn't it? 

Please remember to drink responsibly. 


28 April 2020

Drinking Responsibly Every Day

I have always been the kind of person who is laser focused on their health, which is why I started thinking about my alcoholic beverage consumption a few years ago. I realized that in some aspects my drinking had gone a little out of control, so I started evaluating my behaviors. I was able to make a few changes that really paid off in the long run, and I was really pleased with how much better it made my life. For example, I started only drinking socially instead of at home alone. Check out this blog for tips that could help you.