4 Styles Of Dark Beer To Try


These days, walking down a craft beer aisle can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many different styles of beer that it can be tough to narrow down what you might like. A good approach is to decide what general type of beer you like and then explore different styles of that beer. If you are someone who likes dark beer, here are a few key types worth trying.


Porters are very rich, dark beers. They can be traced back to London, where they were originally brewed and enjoyed by river porters. The beer's color comes from the use of dark, roasted malts. These malts give the beer a roasted, complex flavor. 

Porters are often fermented in wood barrels, which gives them even more complexity and often a touch of oak. In recent years, brewers have started to make a lot of flavored porters. You'll see vanilla, chocolate, and caramel ones, especially.


Some people insist that stouts and porters are the same styles of beer, but there are actually some key differences. Back when the styles were developed, stouts were often called "stout porters." They were simply the strongest and boldest of the porters. The same is true today. Stouts tend to have more body and are often made with lactose, or milk sugar, which adds a hint of creaminess to the beer. You'll also see some stouts made with oats, which makes for a really rich, breakfast-like quality.


Dunkel is a German-style beer that is not quite as dark as stout or porter but still has a nice, deep brown color. These beers are made with malt barley that is more caramelized than roasted, which accounts for their somewhat lighter color and sweeter, more caramel flavor. Dunkels often have notes of pecans, bread crusts, and toffee. They're very popular in the fall and winter.

Dark Ale

Dark ale is a very broad style of beer. Really any ale that is made with some roasted grains falls into this category. As they are ales, these beers tend to have lighter, cleaner flavors than stouts and porters. They range in color from medium brown to almost black. Many are made with a healthy portion of hops for a flavor that resembles that of an IPA.

Now that you know a bit more about common dark beer varieties, head out there and buy a few brews for yourself! Enjoy. 


27 August 2020

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