Helpful Tips For Sipping On Rum


You might be interested in trying a nice sipping rum for the first time, or you might not be sure of whether or not you have been sipping on rum in the right way so far. Either way, you should know that it certainly isn't necessary to mix your rum with juice or soda, although this is a popular thing that many rum drinkers do. Instead, you can sip rum on its own. If you are going to do this, you may find that the advice below to be helpful. Soon, you might find that you enjoy sipping rum more than ever.

Consider an Aged Rum

Although the quality and taste of the rum that you buy matters no matter how you're planning on drinking it, it can be especially important if you're planning on drinking it without a mixer. Therefore, consider paying a little more for a higher-quality bottle of rum. Many people find that a nice aged rum is the best choice for sipping. You can find rum that is aged by three years, five years, or even longer. If you put in the effort to buy a nice rum, you may find that you will enjoy it a whole lot more, especially if you aren't going to be mixing it with anything.

Add Ice

Although you might not like the idea of adding soda or juice to your rum before drinking it, you might want to pour it over ice. By doing so, you may find that the rum is easier and more pleasant to drink if it's consumed at a colder temperature, and the ice can help with some of the alcohol vapors.

Consume Small Portions

You might find that your rum will become watered down if you pour too much in a glass of ice at one time. After all, if you aren't careful, the ice might melt before you can finish sipping it. Even if you are drinking your chilled rum straight—without ice—you have to worry about it coming to room temperature before you're able to finish it. Plus, when drinking rum on its own—instead of consuming it with a mixer of some sort—it's easier to consume more alcohol than you may be anticipating. Therefore, you will probably want to start out with a small portion. You can always pour a little more in your glass later if you find that you want to.

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4 January 2021

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