Going Tailgating? Visit A Local Liquor Store First


When people go tailgating before a sporting event, they typically load up their vehicles with a variety of games that they can play, as well as an assortment of refreshments. Burgers, sausages, and other cookout foods will often be on the menu, as will different types of alcoholic beverages. If you're relatively new to tailgating and you want to put on a spread that your friends will enjoy, one thing that you should think about is what drinks you'll have available. Instead of strictly offering beer, visit a liquor store to grab some beverages that you know people will enjoy. Here are some ideas to consider.

Matching Colors

While you'll likely buy staples such as vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey, there are a variety of other products at your local liquor store that can be fun to buy. One idea is to look for products that have a color that matches the team you'll be cheering for. Most of your group will be dressed in this color in support of the team, so sipping some beverages of a similar hue can work well. For example, if your team wears green uniforms, consider a bottle of sour apple mix to make appletinis. Or, if your team dresses in red, look for a sour raspberry liqueur to create a variety of mixed drinks.


Tailgating occurs in all sorts of weather conditions, and this is something that you should consider when you shop for alcoholic beverages to serve your group. When the weather is hot, all sorts of fruit-based drinks can be a good choice. Many people enjoy margaritas, for example, so you can buy tequila, orange liqueur, and the other necessary ingredients. If you'll be tailgating in the winter, you'll want to offer a selection of drinks that are more suitable for cold conditions. Coffee liqueur can be a good product to buy, as can spiced rum.

Beer Cocktails

If you are unsure what your friends like, beer is always a good option. It can also be a fun twist to offer some beer-based cocktails. There are many different drinks that fit into this category, so you can browse some recipes to look for options that your group will like. A beer mojito can be a good option on hot days. A traditional mojito is a rum-based drink that features flavors of lime and mint, but adding a beer to these ingredients can create a refreshing mixed drink for those who enjoy the taste of beer.


7 July 2021

Drinking Responsibly Every Day

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