Unique Ways To Buy Beer


In advance of a gathering at your home, it's common to make a trip to your local beer store. If you know that most of your guests are beer drinkers, you'll likely want to buy a few different types of beer. This popular beverage can be a good choice for all sorts of gatherings, whether you're relaxing around the pool or you're getting together to watch a sporting event on the big screen in your basement. While it's common to buy conventional cans and/or glass bottles, your local store will almost certainly have other options for you to consider. Here are three unique options for buying beer. 

Aluminum Bottles

Most beer bottles are glass, but if you want to change things up a little for your guests, consider buying a few cases of beer in aluminum bottles. This option is increasingly popular, which means that you won't have trouble finding it at your local store. There are a few advantages of aluminum beer bottles over those made of glass, but the primary benefit is that this material is unbreakable. A dropped glass bottle on your pool deck will make a mess and be a safety hazard, but it's not a big issue if someone were to drop an aluminum bottle.


Lots of stores carry beer growlers, which can be another unique option to buy in advance of your gathering. Growlers are large bottles that someone could theoretically drink on their own but are better for people to share. A fun option is to buy growlers of all sorts of different types of beer, and then place the growlers out on the counter for your guests to evaluate. Some people may enjoy pouring just a few sips worth of a particular type of beer to try it, and then returning for a larger serving if they enjoy it.


If you're inviting a large number of guests to your home, it may make sense to buy one or more kegs of beer. Doing so saves the hassle of having dozens of cans or bottles. Instead, you'll have a couple of kegs that people can use to serve themselves. Many stores sell kegs, although it's a good idea to contact the store in advance as you may need to place your order a day or more before you need to pick up the kegs. To learn about these and other beer options, contact your local beer store.


19 July 2022

Drinking Responsibly Every Day

I have always been the kind of person who is laser focused on their health, which is why I started thinking about my alcoholic beverage consumption a few years ago. I realized that in some aspects my drinking had gone a little out of control, so I started evaluating my behaviors. I was able to make a few changes that really paid off in the long run, and I was really pleased with how much better it made my life. For example, I started only drinking socially instead of at home alone. Check out this blog for tips that could help you.